Absolutely we do, you will find that our barbers are able to manage all situations to ensure every child from newborn onwards is able to get a safe and enjoyable experience for the child and for the caregiver. The caregiver may be asked to sit in the chair with the child for the service to ensure the child remains stationary for periods of time as we operate with sharp tools and their safety is are absolute priority.

All our stores take bookings, so there is 0 wait time (most of the time). Sometimes we may be running a few minutes late, we are all human, but no you will not be sitting idle for very long. We know your time is important so we have opted to stick to bookings only so you don’t have to sit for hours waiting for a cut. 

We prefer all our clients make bookings, however there is no harm in walking in and seeing what is available. Often there may be a 15min gap in between clients so the team will do everything they can to squeeze you in.

Yes, bookings are our preferred method of scheduling you a time to get a cut.

You can book via our website, directly through google, our Instagram or the ‘My Barber’ App. If you are using the app, search for ‘The Fellow’ and all our stores will appear for you to select from. If all else fails, calling us is also welcome.

Choice is what we are about, when booking you will be prompted to select either ‘Any’ or the specific barber you want. If they don’t appear on the day you are looking it could be for they either have a day off or are fully booked.

Our standard cut rate is $40, however if you are getting a back and sides it is $30. All our services and pricing can be found on our website. 

Yes, we pride ourselves on ensuring we provide an enjoyable and safe experience for any child with any need.

YES! It really shouldn’t be a question, we pride ourselves on having a welcoming environment for all and no one should feel left out, EVER!

Like all businesses in Australia we follow a COVID Safe Plan and any additional guidelines issued by the relevant state authorities.

A smile to start with, then one of our barbers will confirm your booking and if ready for you seat you straight away for your service. If you haven’t made a booking they will check the appointment book and fit you at the next available time. 

Call us, don’t be shy, it’s better we know how far away you are so we can ensure there isn’t too much of a flow on effect for the rest of the day.

Of course, but in future please try and call ahead to alert us so we can open the time slot for another client.

Yes, for every 10 dollars you spend on services and products you receive 1 loyalty point. You accumulate points and use them against your future services.

We have tried and tested many products, DunGud is the only haircare range we can put our hand on our hearts and say is the best!

First our barbers will evaluate the products you are currently using, ie are you using the correct styling, finishing product? If you would like an immediate remedy before we explore other alternatives we have a Detox Shampoo in our DunGud range to help remove the build up of any oils or products in the hair. 

Your hair needs moisture, DunGud date night hydrating shampoo and conditioner will help with  infused vitamins and minerals. We have other styling products to help add moisture to the hair and are light weight in the hair. Come see us in store for more details.

Well we most definitely can if it is within the scope of our barbering skills. We don’t discriminate and we love having a diverse customer base, so if we can complete the service you are asking for we most definitely will. If it is a restyle that is beyond the qualifications and training of the barbers in store we will recommend some close by salons who are ace at their craft.

Call us, sometimes the system may glitch, so don’t hesitate to call the relevant store and one our team will be able to assist you.

We are open 7 days a week! Monday to Wednesday and Friday 8am – 7pm, Thursday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 5pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Yes, you can buy our gift cards in-store as well as via our website. All gift cards have a 36month expiration date.

Our store is on The Parade, Norwood, across and just up from the cinema.

We certainly do! We have a range of different things to make your day that little more special. We ask that you call one of our salons to speak to one of our team to discuss different options.

Depending on the style you’re trying to achieve, you should cut your hair to suit it. If you have a super short style, you’d want your haircut probably every 2 weeks. If you have a longer style, you could get away with trimming it every 5 weeks. Our stylists will always give you the best advice once they see your hair.

We have stylists in all of our stores that are perfectly capable of cutting all different hair hair types including Afro Caribbean. It would be a massive help to us if you could specify your hair type in the comments section when booking your appointment, so that we can make sure that your hair is cut by the best person for the job!

Head Lice

Lice are small eggs that hatch to small bugs, they occur around the back of the neck and behind the ear. They occur often in children but adults may contract due to the bugs sticking to hair brushes, pillows and linen, although the bugs cannot live longer than 1-2 days without blood.

It’s a misconception that it happens on clean or dirty hair, in fact, the condition of hair doesn’t affect the likelihood of catching head lice. It often is contracted by sharing linen, hairbrushes, hats or towels.

Many chemists have products to help kill and remove lice from the scalp, it’s best to apply the product using a small comb to remove lice and wash. It would be recommended that everyone does this process in the household to avoid contamination. Washing all bedding, towels, hats, and pillows is also recommended.


Dandruff is a non-contagious condition that is caused by an overproduction of skin cells. This condition may leave red and itchy patches on the scalp that flake off as white skin as well as other parts of the body, in worse cases it can also be yellow and sore to the touch.

Dandruff may be affected by stress, winter or infrequent shampooing. Dandruff starts after puberty and maybe a bit worse in men and peaks around the age of 40 if not cared for, dandruff is also frequently seen on those with Parkinson’s disease, people affected with central nervous system problems and those with HIV.

Frequent shampooing, as well as the use of a natural hair product, can assist the severity of dandruff, your local barbershop can help with a product range that is all natural to help clear the scalp. If the condition is far beyond a shampoo range it is recommended that you see a doctor.


Alopecia is an autoimmune condition resulting in hair loss. Genetic and environmental factors play a role in hair loss as well as seasonal change although this isn’t a case for everyone with this condition. Hair loss can also occur on the rest of the body, not only the scalp. There are three levels of hair loss ranging from mild to severe identifying this will help with how it should be treated.

This condition can occur in all ages but frequently is associated with people with thyroid disease, lupus, lichen planus, vitiligo and Down syndrome.

Some products from your local barbershop may slow the process of hair loss but alopecia can reappear anytime in your lifespan. Ultimately going to talk to a doctor or hair loss specialist could be a good alternative option.

Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss at the hairline or the crown of the scalp. This becomes more common as age increases, it is also passed on from the Mother’s side of the family.

Usually, genetics is the main reason for this hair loss but also chemotherapy, diet and stress can play a part in this condition.

Hair transplant surgery or steroids can be given to help fix this issue, preventions can include changing hair products to a more natural option. But if concerned, always refer to a doctor.